I create mirrors so people can see themselves in the world.

I'm Erica Buddington, a culture curator that designs culturally relevant curriculum, writes and performs work that reflects the diaspora, and I'm passionate about defying and decolonizing the status quo. It's important to me that the people I serve see their reflections in the stories I tell, the instructional material I design, and the way I present myself. 

About ten years ago, I spent my weekdays analyzing literature at Hampton University and my weekends flying from state to state, with a suitcase filled with anthologies, performing on any microphone I could get my hands on. I've been a Brave New Voices slam champion, HBO Def Poet, and opened up for many famous emcees, and still none of these could complete with the biggest stage I've ever been on: the classroom. 

I spent my last two years of college interning at a tutoring program for girls transitioning in and out of group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention centers and I haven't left our youth since. 

Today, I’m the Founder and Chief Curriculum Officer at Langston League. a multi-consultant curriculum firm, Langston League specializes in teaching educators to design + implement culturally sustainable instructional material and professional development. Our clients include Google Code Next, Medgar Evers College, Harlem Children’s Zone, Pratt Institute, Achievement First Schools, Techspark, and many others.

I'm also the author of four books and I've been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Black Enterprise, and more for combining the three things I'm most passionate about: performance, education and representation.

I've spent the last decade honing my crafts and garnering resources: WeWork Creator Award Winner, Former Harlem Children's Zone Director + Innovation Award Winner, 4.0 Schools Essentials Fellowship Recipient, Hampton University’s 2019 Notable Hamptonian in Hip-Hop, and secondary classroom educator. Using my unconventional methods, responsive strategies, and my vast knowledge of pop culture, I create engaging human learning experiences, like no other, in and out of academic spaces. 

I spend my free time at Strand Bookstore, jazz clubs, pretending that I'm an interior designer and painting at an intermediate level. I'm also mildly obsessed with all things Jean-Michel Basquiat. My ancestry is Jamaican/Cuban. Westmoreland represent.

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