Of Micah and Men

This book is a compilation of stories from the hit blog series, "In The Meantime,” that was featured on in 2012. Join Erica Buddington on a ton of dates that will leave you laughing, crying, and clutching your heart.

“An intriguing narrative about the ebbs and flows of dating, emotions, and understanding. This story was one that depicts the life of the single, with hopes of a future but no foundation of self. - self meaning loving yourself- a been there, done that, ugh men!, stupid girls, hate to love love kind of story. But the beauty in loving others and being hurt is healing and learning to love yourself.”

—Chevon Miles, Amazon Customer

Boroughs Apart

Ella is a Brooklyn girl, in love with art and the undiscovered. Evan is a high society Harlemite, with a complicated family: Both convinced that they are from two different worlds. They couldn't be more wrong. "Boroughs Apart" is a story of love defying societal norms and history's habit of repeating itself.

“Boroughs Apart speaks ominously of unrequited destiny, dysfunctional family privilege, chance love, and hope at the possibility to re-love what seemed eternally lost. It is the stories of two families, brought together by fate and coincidence. It is a most vivid example of her beautiful mind and imagination. One thing is for certain, it is ambitious and doesn’t take away from the magic that she has cornered and the talent that she truly possesses. In Buddington, who is also a visual artist, there is joy in the story and bright colors on the canvas, reflecting the realities that we all know or will one day discover; the unquestionable evidence of a soul’s memorial, and a belief in the worthiness of holding on to hope and embracing faith.”

—Joe Beckett, Amazon Customer